50 Ducks Feeding The Homeless

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"50 Ducks In A Hot Tub" Raising Free Range Ducks To Feed The Homeless

2017 1,000+ Free Range Ducks

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This is the main stream which will be running 24/7 until Oct 12th, 2017 the day the ducks leave to go to feed the homeless in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Help Feed The Ducks Feed The Homeless
We will have many daily multiple streams on the YouTube channel this season.

Keep checking daily for Live Updates...
June 6th, 2017 over 1,000+ Ducklings Arrive From
Metzer Farms The Ducklings are going to be streamed "Live" 24/7

Come & Join The Fun...
Winter / Spring of 2016-2017

on    raising

Free Range Happy Ducks for the homeless

Spring/Summer/Fall 2017 is going

to be Huge...

We hope to donate over 6,000 Duck eggs to
the local food bank this spring and summer (2017)
This is all made possible because of Metzer Farm's very generous donation of 1,000+ ducklings so we can supply even more homeless shelters healthy free range duck meat.

What a great family company...

Metzer Farms
Please order your Ducklings & Goslings from
Metzer Farms
2016 season on

 With the help of a lot of good and very generous fans we managed to raise another flock of really happy free range ducks to help feed the homeless.

I just want to say thanks to all the great supporters of the show.

Matt & Dug

2015 Season on raising free range ducks to feed the homeless

Raising Free Range Ducks On YouTube To Feed The Homeless
"50 Ducks In A Hot Tub"
Breeding & Raising Muscovy, Rouen & Pekin Ducks